Twelve reasons why it is an amazing place for a retreat.

Bob LaingHappynest


Feature for feature, Happynest is unparalleled when you consider all the things that are included –
motor boat, (and boat driver’s license to go with it), canoe, paddle boat, great swimming, PRIVATE cottage with sand beach, large dock, use our hut tub and sauna, wi-fi, satellite TV complimentary, boat tour of awesome lake, free camp fire wood, screened deck, dish washer, laundry facilities, telephone, quiet calm waters with great swimming temperatures for water-skiing and tubing, good fishing, hiking trails, portages, local store, restaurants, and farmers market.


Because we live on the same lake year round, we are never far away if you have a question or need some help or need to borrow something. We have been on the lake since 1970 and personally designed and built Happynest (and other buildings) so we know every, screw, wire, board, and pipe and exactly how everything works and how to keep thugs in good repair.

You will never be stranded with no running water or no electricity or a motor boat that can’t be started. We have spare parts for EVERYTHING plus back-up electric generators.

We personally clean Happynest and all the boats to our own exacting specifications before you arrive.

You will receive prompt and personal attention to every detail starting with a speedy reply to your first enquiry to showing your through Happynest on your arrival to providing the complimentary tour of the lake, teaching water-skiing and we will offer to take the group photo before you make your departure.


Happynest was built to accommodate Family Reunions of 20 or more people.

There are two “master bedrooms” that are set up to sleep 2 people each and there are three bedrooms that can each sleep 6 people plus there are two bed couches – one double and one queen, so there are lots of options. 26 sleeping places if you count all the overflow sleeping spots.

You can group families together in separate rooms or put all the boy cousins in one room and all the girl cousins in another room and still have private rooms for the parents or use bedrooms at one end of the building for one family and bedrooms at the other end for another family.

In addition, across the cove where we live year round (130 metres dock to dock) we have 3 additional cabins that can provide totally separate accommodations for 3 – 5 people each, (in case part of your group would like to have their own private space).

Just let us know how many adults, and how many children and the ages for everyone and we will show you options for the best fit.

For smaller groups of up to 9 people, we can offer our separate “Granny Flat” property with almost ALL the same features as Happynest including separate boats, dock sand beach, camp fire area etc… , but priced for smaller groups.


Because of the very low density of cottages that sparsely populate our 160 k.m. of unspoiled shoreline few people are even aware that it exists. This sleepy, quiet restful lake has on average fewer than one cottage per kilometre of shoreline. The properties are a spacious 1.3 acres so cottages are not crowded together cheek by jowl like they are in older cottage settlements. This makes 90% of the shoreline left completely untouched in it’s natural state with breath-taking natural beauty and tranquillity to explore and become one with nature.

The lake is surrounded by hundreds of square miles of protected forest with zero farms and zero industry so the water quality is second to none in all of Ontario.

The only difference between our area and the more famous Algonquin Park is that there are NO busloads of tourists here trampling the flora and fauna to bits.

The lake here provides very pleasant swimming temperatures all during the school holidays and beyond.

The lake is 20 metres deep so the fish can find cool water at the bottom to stay healthy and with 90% of the shoreline undisturbed, they have lots of places to spawn.

Because the lake is long and narrow (shaped like the letter “Z”) it is always calm for boating, canoeing and water sports. (You will never lose your holiday boating time because of high waves like on Georgian Bay or the larger lakes.)

Because Happynest is on a cove, there is zero boat traffic going past your dock – very peaceful.

Even on the main lake there is 90% less boat traffic because there are 90% fewer people.


Happynest is very much a PRIVATE cottage on a PRIVATE 1.3 acre property with a PRIVATE 180 feet of shoreline with a large PRIVATE dock, PRIVATE campfire area and PRIVATE parking. (We want to stress the private nature of Happynest because there are so many features and services that people have a hard time believing that they can have it all to themselves)

The property has lots of trees so you cannot even see the neighbouring cottages from the Happynest building.

Being on a cove, it is extra quiet away from the main lake. It happens that two of the 6 properties on the cove are vacant almost ALL of the time and one of these is next door to Happynest.


Having 90% of the shoreline left in it’s natural state, naturally means that there are 90% fewer people, 90% less noise, 90% less traffic and so there is a healing, soothing, tranquillity and lazy atmosphere that make Happynest the perfect place to absorb the sun and recharge your batteries.


The lake is stocked annually with hundreds of thousands of Pickerel (Walleye) and there are also large and small mouth Bass, Pike, Crappie and some White Fish.

Since 90% of the shoreline has no cottages there are 90% fewer people fishing so more fish for you and with 160 k.m. of mostly undisturbed shoreline, there are tons of places for natural spawning grounds.

For an unbelievable fishing experience, we recommend making the effort to portage to a very special lake south of us that is teaming with fish and rated “BEST BASS FISHING IN CANADA AND THIRD BEST FISHING IN GENERAL IN CANADA” by a popular “Fly-In Fishing Magazine”

We can help you to arrange to fly in there for a day (if you wish to spend the money) or we can show you how to get there for free – well worth the effort!

Bait and tackle is available at the marina a km away or there is a speciality bait shop in town that is 15 minutes away.


A feature that is totally unique at Happynest is that we offer a welcoming tour of our beautiful lake in our 20 foot Glastron Bow Rider to introduce you to our wonderful lake.

During this tour of the beautiful awe-inspiring scenery as seen from the water, we will show you where to watch for underwater hazards so as to keep your propeller (and/or ours) happy as well as show you where to find a walking trail that will take you to a completely uninhabited lake with a natural sand beach with gradual under water slope that you can have all to yourselves.

We will also show you the jumping rocks and take you past the marina/store/restaurant and show you were the huge lumber mill once stood and where to find the good fishing spots.

This time we share together for this leisurely cruise gives you ample opportunity to have any of your questions answered. We will also tell you about the history of the lake and how “Lost Channel” got it’s name.


Another big feature and memorable experience that sets Happynest apart form any other PRIVATE cottage is that we are equipped to offer water-skiing and tubing as an optional extra. We provide the ski-boat, driver, equipment, safety gear and instruction if necessary.

Our ski boat is large enough to bring a whole group out for the experience as everyone takes turns. The encouragement from the cheering section enhances the fun and the photo opportunities are priceless.

We can provide this experience any time during your visit whenever the mood strikes.

These are memories that will last a lifetime a great bonding experience for all participating.


We are not making this up!!!!! Just south of our lake is an oasis of fishing made in heaven and unspoiled scenery where only 2 fly-in fishing lodges and 5 Private hunt camps share over one hundred kilometres of shoreline and a lake teaming with fish living in a most natural habitat.

The portage to this lake takes an hour of mostly lazy paddling with only three overland crossings – one 10 metres, one 30 metres and one 300 metres.

The reward at the end of the portage is a paradise that you have to see to believe.

There are other places on our lake to get out of your boat and walk and/or portage shorter distances to different lakes also.


On The Lake

Cliff jumping rocks are nearby (we will show you exactly where) with a 20 foot jump or a 12 foot jump. Just as thrilling as Wonderland but it is free and there are no line-ups. (There are 30 foot jumping rocks further away too).

Fine dining – Swiss chef, great food, reasonable prices, enchanting century old building and NO ROAD so there is a free boat ride to get you there and bring you back to your car.

Take a trip by boat to the dam and witness the power of the water spilling over it. If the water level is high enough there is also a very pretty water falls that goes over the spillway and cascades over the granite embankment. There are actually two separate dams and there is a walking path that goes between them.

Dine at our local Marina and travel there by boat or by car. There are specials every night and on Sunday there is a very popular all-you-can-eat hot brunch from 10:00 to 2:00.

Hike on trails with starting points at the cottage or from different places on the lake.

In The Local Town

There is a Farmer’s Market on Wednesdays, to stock up on fresh vegetables and see the vendors with their crafts and preserves.

There are interesting restaurants in town too and gift shops, a couple of craft stores, antique shops, and fresh baking too.

Fund raising dinners can be found at the Lion’s Club (all-you can eat fish fry), the Legion (various menus including Christmas in July, Steak Supper, and BBQ Fridays), and some of the churches hold suppers too – great value and a good cause.

Another ongoing fund raiser in town is the Thrift Store and Second Hand store, a thriving business where you can find everything from clothing to cutlery for crazy low prices. The revenue generated by this volunteer run event supports the local volunteer fire department. You should put this stop on your list if only for the fun of it.

Further Away Attractions

At the French River, there is a well stocked and interesting trading post, and a popular restaurant that has a lunch special every day and all-you-can eat fish on certain nights as well as a salad buffet, burgers, and many flavours of ice cream.

In the same area is a government-run Heritage Centre depicting the challenges and hardships experienced by the fur traders and explorers as they made their way from Georgian Bay to the St Lawrence. (Admission fee $1.00 or free with a park pass).

There is also a nature trail to the falls/rapids on the French River – a distance of 2001 steps to this historic site from the heritage centre. This is free of charge.

You can also walk across the world’s longest snowmobile bridge that crosses the French River. (Also free of charge)

In Parry Sound, you can climb the fire tower – get some exercise and look out over Georgian Bay and experience the view as seen by forest rangers in days gone by.

Also in Parry Sound is the Stockey Centre for the Performing Arts and the Festival of the Sound and the Thousand Island Boat tours.

There is a local company offering guided ATV trails not far away.

Our local Provincial Park, has public beaches, interpretive centres, and family events.

In Sudbury, Science North and the Big Nickle mine are popular attractions.


Happynest is a toasty warm and comfortable place to experience life in a fantasy Christmas Card setting. All the wood you can burn in the fireplace, quiet all electric heat, warm floors, awesome view over the frozen, snow-covered lake surrounded by evergreens frosted with snow. There is an ice rink (weather permitting) flood lit for night skating – ice fishing, snow showing, cross country skiing, snowmobile trails and free snowmobile rides for the kids.

We can help you with renting snowmobiles and arranging for dog sled rides and if you are bringing snowmobiles, there is lots of room to park them and endless places to drive them. There are snowmobile trails in every direction from Happynest. (If you are travelling here on your sled, we can provide groceries to use at Happynest or even offer bed and breakfast in our own home across the bay. – just let us know what you need).

Close your eyes and imagine the aroma in the crisp air from your crackling fire and the peaceful quite that comes when everything that surrounds you is blanketed in fresh white snow.

Now imagine immersing yourself in the bubbly warmth of our hot tub or the penetrating heat of the sauna after a day of playing in the snow.

There is an electric dryer too to make sure the winter clothing is dry and warm.

Just add family, friends and food to complete the recipe for making lasting memories of winter fun.