Tour of the lake in our power boat.

After you arrive and get settled in, we will offer to take you for a complementary and informative tour of the lake in our 10 passenger Bow Rider Glastron touring boat to see points of interest on the beautiful and unspoiled Kawigamog Lake.

We will show you the jumping rocks, good fishing spots, a path where you can walk to a special lake with a natural, six minute walk to this lake no cottages at all. We’ll show you the marina, and the location of the long ago lumber mill and tell you about interesting places to explore or go out for a delightful evening meal.9.9 horse motor boat.

We provide a motor boat as part of the holiday package so you can explore more of this awesome lake and do some serious fishing. We will also provide a temporary boat driver’s license if you do not already have one.Paddle boat.

The paddle boat is enjoyed by all ages. Since we are in a protected cove, you can watch from the dock as your kids propel themselves around the cove to use up some of that boundless energy. View of dock in late fallExcellent fishing opportunities

As our lake has 160 k.m. of shoreline with only 156 cottages in all, (on average one cottage per kilometre of shoreline) and 90% of that has NO development of any kind, there are lots of fish to go around – Large and Small Mouth Bass, Pike and the lake is stocked with hundreds of thousands of pickerel (Walleye) every year.

Always check before you jump.

Have you ever seen shows or videos of people leaping off rock cliffs into the water and wanted to try it yourself? A short boat ride away is the famous “jumping rocks” that provides a thrilling experience on a par with anything you would find at “Wonderland” but there are no line-ups and it is FREE.Tubing on the lake.

Tubing is fun for both the rider and the passengers cheering from the boat. Again, for this optional extra, we have lots of experience driving for this sport and can provide a ride custom tailored for any age and skill level and we provide the boat, equipment, safety gear and instruction if necessary.Waterskiing

We offer both water-skiing and tubing as an optional extra any time during your visit. There is room to fill the boat with the cheering section and bring the camera and camcorders to record the event for future entertainment at future family gatherings. We supply the boat, driver, equipment, safety gear and instruction if necessary. There is a certain exhilarating sense of accomplishment for those who master skiing and this is only enhanced by advancing the skill levels to slalom skiing or perhaps even trick skiing.Windsurfing can be a lot of fun.

Have you ever dreamed of harnessing the power of the wind to do your bidding? Wind surfing is a sport which involves the whole body, mind and soul as you balance on the surf board and glide along the sparkling waters. We have a beginner board. There is a user fee for this item to cover the set-up charges.Canoeing on our lake and lakes nearby.

Paddle gracefully and quietly along the shoreline in the still waters of the early morning to view the lush greenery on either side of the lake. Perhaps you will see a beaver at work or catch a glimpse of a deer or moose along this unspoiled shoreline.
Picnic in the woods by the lake.

How can any outdoor vacation be complete without a family hike? Explore the magnificent and pristine forest that surrounds our entire lake. If you are quiet, you may see deer, moose, beaver and there are lots of birds, plants and trees to identify.The sauna building.

The sauna has a traditional wood fired sauna stove and cedar benches with a spacious change room. It is located at the water’s edge of our private property for those who like to jump into the lake as part of their sauna experience. We provide the service of preparing the sauna for you and if you are not familiar with the sauna routine or even how or why people love it so, we would be happy to guide and inform you. Most North Americans have no idea what a Sauna is about but we feel fortunate that our European friends and neighbours have taught us well and explained the many benefits attributed to using the sauna as it was intended.After a day outdoors we invite you to relax in our private indoor cedar lined spa room.

After a day outdoors we invite you to relax in our private indoor cedar lined spa room featuring our hot tub to rejuvenate your body, soul and mind letting the water jets and bubbles give you a total body massage.[/vc_column] [/vc_row]