Here is a list of the most common questions that our customers have asked us. (please klick the answers open accordingly.)

Is Happynest a private cottage or is it a resort?
Does the landlord live on the same property or in the same building as Happynest?
Happynest has a lot of sleeping places. Will I be sharing a kitchen and bathrooms with other renters?
How close is the nearest cottage?
I see that Happynest come with three boats. Do I need a boat driver’s licence to drive the motor boat?
Is Happynest pet friendly?
What is there to do in the area?
How much parking is available at Happynest?
Can I bring my own boat?
Is the fishing good?
What is the swimming like?
Do I need to bring firewood?
I have only a small group. Can I afford Happynest?
Is Happynest open in winter?
What are the roads like in Winter?
What is there to do in winter at Happynest?