[/dopcontainer] [dopcontainer]
August 13, 2021
Hi Bob,


It was a pleasure staying at your Granny Flat.  We think you have a wonderful location there and your awesomeness and accommodations really made the stay relaxing and memorable.


We will be back for sure.  We had a blast and made great memories.
Jamey and Jack.
[/dopcontainer] [dopcontainer]

July 31, 2021

Hi Bob,
I’m sorry we did not get to say goodbye.

The patch you made on my boat held.
I really appreciated your effort. Thank you.
The kids caught some fish and had a great time. That’s the main thing.
Take care Bob and thanks for the memories.

Best regards,
The Wodzinski Families

[/dopcontainer] [dopcontainer]

July 2021

Hi Bob

Just wanted to say thanks for a great week. All of us really enjoyed our time there. The lake is great, and we were impressed with the service that was provided.


[/dopcontainer] [dopcontainer]

July 2021

Good Morning

We have just left. Windows are open in cottage Our family really enjoyed our time there.

Thanks again

[/dopcontainer] [dopcontainer]
We had an amazing time. Great winter get away, ice fishing, snowmobiling for miles, ice skating, tobogganing everything you could ask for. A real winter wonderland. We had all the wood we needed for the week. The owner is very friendly and was there for us when we needed him. Cottage was very clean and simple exactly what we were looking for. We were informed of everything we needed to bring before we got there so we had no need to leave the property. If you love the true north and cottaging then this is the perfect little getaway for you and your family.
The Stover/Perrault Family
February, 2021
[/dopcontainer] [dopcontainer]

We have arrived home a couple of hours ago, and wanted to say ‘thanks’
for the lovely week we were able to spend at your cottage.
Thanks for allowing us to use your sauna, it was lovely and the remnants of laryngitis I arrived with (tested negatively for Covid thankfully before we came to your cottage) are gone with the wind and sun and peace and quiet. Just now I stepped out of the house to get something from the car and it really struck me how much more polluted the air is here. And how much noise there is! I have fond memories of our stay and I even enjoyed the two days with snow. Wish winter would be that short but I am sure there is more in store in the months to come.

Warm regards, and maybe till another time in another season so that we can try our hands at that little boat 🙂

Wim & Nicky Decorte
November, 2020

[/dopcontainer] [dopcontainer]

Hi Bob. We left early to head home. We really enjoyed our stay! Thank
you so much for accommodating us . You are a great host!

Lynn, Tony and Family
October, 2020

[/dopcontainer] [dopcontainer]

Hi Bob, Thank you for a most relaxing few days at your piece of heaven!

Jim and Tammie
September 2020

[/dopcontainer] [dopcontainer]

We had a wonderful and relaxing time in the Granny Flat. My husband especially enjoyed the screened in Florida room for lounging and cooking. The beautiful lake, the accommodations, tubing for the kids and your hospitality made our week at your cottage truly memorable.

We hope to see you next summer.

Take Care,
August, 2020

[/dopcontainer] [dopcontainer]

We enjoyed our time at your cottage. Also, thanks for your effort when
Amalia’s glasses fell in the water.

Anthony Delpero
June 2020

[/dopcontainer] [dopcontainer]

We really appreciate you letting us stay at your cabin we had a nice relaxing time! We will definitely recommend and hopefully come up again!
Thanks again hope you enjoy the rest of your summer,

Rachel and Brian
June 2020

[/dopcontainer] [dopcontainer]
I highly reccomend your grannyflat cabin oasis and your hospitality going out of your way to give us a long tour of all the islands and access to the canoe and boats. We really had such an amazing time and would encourage people to visit!
Thanks again for everything


Brian and Rachel
June 17, 2020
[/dopcontainer] [dopcontainer]

Hi Bob, thanks we had an amazing time.

Lisa Logan
March, 2020

[/dopcontainer] [dopcontainer]

Dear Bob and grandson, Joel,

Thank you so much for everything.

We left a little home-made gift for you that Amy made.

I hope you are willing to let me come back when there is warmer weather.

I will be recommending your place to everyone as we had an amazing time and you are such gracious hosts.

All the best,

Amanda, Rebecca, Jen and Amy
January 19, 2020

[/dopcontainer] [dopcontainer]

„Thank you for the nice stay in your Cabin, we really enjoyed spending
the weekend there. It was perfect for our group of 18 students. We could
cook, do a BBQ and spend the evening with games in the living room next
to the warming fire. The cabin is a perfect starting point for any
adventure in the nature. Unfortunately the snow was gone that weekend,
but we still explored the surrounding (French River Park for example). A
pleasant extra in the cold was the possibility to use the sauna.
We can recommend the cabin to other groups and hope to come back some day.“

Thank you very much again
November, 2019

[/dopcontainer] [dopcontainer]

“My family had a great time up at your cottage. The whole experience was wonderful. I enjoyed my time fishing off the dock. The kids enjoyed a lot of first time experiences. Thank you for the tour of the lake an for taking it easy on me while I was tubing.”
Jason, Ruth, Grace and Nicholson.
November, 2019

[/dopcontainer] [dopcontainer]

Just want to thank you for offering us your facilities this weekend! Our group had a really amazing time! The website is true to its advertisement. The place was clean, cozy, warm and very private. We really enjoyed the hospitality given and wish to extend our compliments and thanks.

November, 2019

[/dopcontainer] [dopcontainer]Thank you ! We had a great time and yes I sure want to go back to the area one day.
Julien Cormier
July 1, 2019

[/dopcontainer] [dopcontainer]

Thank you for a wonderful time we had at your Happy Nest cottage.These are some of the photos of our weekend.
John De Souza

[/dopcontainer] [dopcontainer]

Hi Bob,

Thank you for the photos they are really good. Our visitors had a great time, and their favorite memory of Canada is the several days they spent at Happynest.

Best regards

Barry and the group.

October 14, 2014

Happy clients enjoying the sunny day[/dopcontainer][dopcontainer]

Dear Bob,

Thank you again for your hospitality, you and your family have created a true gem. Gary and I especially enjoyed star gazing on the dock, the northern skies never get old

Jennifer and Gary

Absolutely feel free to use our comments/picture on your site! We will be recommending to everyone lol

Thank you so much,


e-mail from Jennifer Haswell
July 26, 2014

Happy customers (one is a frog).


The whole gang had an amazing time, and we thought the experience was

Hopefully we can bring the group back next year after our first year of


Cameron + the group!!

e-mail from Cameron Gendron
June 11, 2014
[/dopcontainer][dopcontainer]Hi Bob,

It’s Jake – just heading out. Thanks very much for having us. It was really great. We had a fantastic time and the rink was perfect so you know you totally came through. We just wanted to say “thank you very much”.

Thanks again,

Jake Shabas

February 23, 2014
[/dopcontainer][dopcontainer]Bob & Marsha,

Thanks for your hospitality & being so accommodating. We can see why you love the area, the lake, many islands & shore are beautiful.

Thanks again,

P.S. We left some chocolate squares in the fridge for you guys and your visitors.

Fil and Chris Silva

November 26, 2013

Thankyou Card from the Gough's
[/dopcontainer][dopcontainer]Hi Bob,

We decided on a last minute getaway and weren’t disappointed by Happynest Granny Flat. Bob’s driving directions were impeccable. The trailer/cottage was cozy with a beautiful screened in room. The lake was gorgeous and we enjoyed using the boat to try our hand at fishing. We had a quiet, peaceful, relaxing weekend in a gorgeous setting… Exactly what we were hoping for!

Thank you!

Lorna Lane

August 25, 2013
[/dopcontainer][dopcontainer]Hi Bob from Kawigamog!

We loved our stay there and have shared your info with many!


Kathy and John from Clifford!

June 17, 2013
[/dopcontainer][dopcontainer]Hi Bob,

Just want to send a quick thank you note for your hospitality. Sorry it’s a bit late but I have been so busy with the kids. My family is still taking about our Canada day weekend at your cottage. We all had a wonderful time. Hopefully we can do it again next year.

Thanks again!


July 1, 2013
[/dopcontainer][dopcontainer]Hi Bob

Thank you Bob and Marsha for giving us a piece of the Happynest :-), we really enjoyed the time spent there and we will keep in touch.
photo is great , can you please send us it in the original size, I’d like to print it for my album.

Thank you again

Sasha and Yakov

March 15, 2013
[/dopcontainer][dopcontainer]Hi Bob,

Thank you kindly for your hospitality this weekend. We really appreciated your attention to making it an optimal experience for us as well as offering us your beautiful waterfront to relax by.

Thanks again for everything Bob and I look forward to hearing back from you.


Kevin Glowinski Director, Client Services

June 24, 2012
[/dopcontainer][dopcontainer]Hi Bob,

Yes, you can definitely use our testimonial on your website.

As for the picture, here are the names from the back left to right: Jun, Ward, Maggie; middle l-r: Geoff, Yentle, Josh, Victor, Marvin, JC, Samgar, Jen (me), Meryl, Lisa, Geraldine, Lynn; front l-r:

Jennifer and Jan.

June 5, 2012

More happy customers
[/dopcontainer][dopcontainer]Hi Bob,

We just want to say thank you for welcoming us to your cottage. We had a blast even with the rain. This was our first cottage trip and will definitely not be our last. The boat tour was really fun and informative as well. Thank you for taking us even though it was raining. It was a great weekend getaway and we wish we stayed a little bit longer.

Thank you again for a great weekend. We hope that the group picture turned out alright. I will suggest your cottage whenever someone I know is looking or planning a trip.

From, Jen and friends

June 5, 2012
[/dopcontainer][dopcontainer]Hi Bob, Andy here.

Sorry it took so long to get the pictures to you as our computer has been acting up.
It is now fixed and all is well.

Thanks so much for the hospitality, you are a good host with a lovely cottage and a
nice piece of land.

Please pet Lucy for us.


Pam and Andy.

May 23, 2012‏

Two more happy customers and their dog
[/dopcontainer][dopcontainer]Dear Mr. and Mrs. Laing,

Words can’t describe the tranquility my friends and I experienced at Happynest. It was nice to be away from the sound of cars, cell phones, video games and airplanes. We had the most relaxing and peaceful retreat of our lives. It was everything we expected and more. Our kids had an amazing time and were sad when we had to leave.

We all thank you for your generous hospitality. Tell Brandon we say Hello!

Hope to meet again some time!

Kinds Regards,

P.S. Driving instructions were great. For the first time I didn’t need a GPS

Dulcy, Family and Friends

August 13, 2011
[/dopcontainer][dopcontainer]Hi Bob,

We had a great time at Happynest, thank you very much for all your and Brandon’s attention.

We will certainly recommend this to anyone we hear might be looking for a cottage to rent.

Best regards,


August 6, 2011
[/dopcontainer][dopcontainer]Hi Bob and Marsha,

It was great meeting you Bob and thanks for the tour around the lake. I would like to thank you for your time and your place that we rented for the weekend. We had an amazing time at your cottage and the lake was amazing. We had a few laughs, caught a couple of walleye and had a few drinks. The time we spent with friends is priceless.

Thanks again Bob & Marsha


Allen & Colin (and friends)

June 12, 2011
[/dopcontainer][dopcontainer]Hello Bob,

It was a great weekend that we have ever had. Although it is a little short, but everyone was so enjoyable for living in your cottage.
The rooms are in decent size, the snowmobile riding was great to the kids and environment is very good! Everyone loves Lucy.
Thanks again for providing us a nice time and we will try to make it again later.
Please find attached picture and say hello to your family!

Hao Sun

March 24, 2011

Happy customer group photo.
[/dopcontainer][dopcontainer]Bob and Marsha,

We wanted to thank you both, very much for a wonderful Christmas. Our children enjoyed themselves, and we have left with wonderful memories! Thank you so much.

The Ventura Family

December 15, 2010
[/dopcontainer][dopcontainer]Good Morning Bob!

Thank you so much for allowing us to rent the cottage, Happynest was definitely a trip to remember….and a fantastic time had by all! In fact, there have been discussions about making this an annual trip for the weekend after the long weekend each year, so we’ll keep you posted! And your son John, did a fantastic job taking care of us, truly a great guy!

You are more than welcome to use our comments…and I have attached a group photo, and a few of John taken during the trip…enjoy!
Again, many thanks and I hope to see you next time we’re up!


June 1, 2010

Happy clients

Driving the boat
[/dopcontainer][dopcontainer]Dear Bob,
We are now back in Durban (temperature today a moderate plus 28 Celsius) and we wanted to drop you a note to thank you for looking after us and our family over New Year. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at Happynest.

Everything was perfect.

With kind regards,

Sean and Jean

e-mail from Sean Minogue
Morningside, Durban, South Africa, 4001
January 13, 2010
[/dopcontainer][dopcontainer]Hey Bob,

Just wondering if you could send me a flyer for your cottage. I do have a few patients that are retired and into snowmobiling, I suggested they take a trip to Happynest!! But I thought it would be a good idea if I hang it in my office as well, and then I will make copies to hand out to patients if they are interested. It is always such a nice time when we visit and I think everyone should come to Happnest at least once in their lives!!

Hope you and Marsha are doing well!! Talk to you later.


e-mail from Rhonda Wendekier
Patton, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
October 16, 2009
[/dopcontainer][dopcontainer]Dear Bob,

Just wanted to tell you and thank you for the good vacation we had at your cottage this summer. Really appreciate the attention you gave to details (i.e. driving instructions, etc. etc.) You responded quickly to all e-mails and all requests during the week of our stay, and I thank you for that!

Your cottage worked well for our needs, and the area was just fantastic! We have some wonderful memories.

Hope the rest of the year is successful for you and your family.

Perhaps we will meet again some time!

Regards, and all the best,

Willy and Lydia Schulenberg

e-mail from Willy Schulenberg
Toronto, Ontario
September 30, 2009
[/dopcontainer][dopcontainer]Hi Bob,

Firstly, just wanted to say what a fantastic time the girls, myself and Sadie had while staying at your cottage for 4 days during March Break. The girls especially enjoyed the crisp snow, hot tub, and roasting marshmallows in the fireplace. Sadie and I enjoyed taking the girls on some nice long walks!

Secondly, can you please let me know how much it is to rent the cottage for a week during the summer – I have my parents coming over from the UK, and my brother and I would like to arrange a family holiday.

Thanks again


e-mail from Julie Brown
Caledon, Ontario
March 31, 2009
[/dopcontainer][dopcontainer]Dear Bob and Marsha,

Life has been crazy with seeing off our relatives from South Africa and getting back to work – so it has taken me a while to send this mail.

We ALL want to thank you for your very warm hospitality while we stayed at Happynest. The cottage is delighful and the setting is quite superb. We all had a wonderful time and the highlight was definitely skating at night on the floodlit rink on the lake!! Thanks for all the trouble you went to to make this a most memorable holiday. I hope we can make this an annual event!

Best Regards

Ilse and Julian Joubert and family.

e-mail from Ilse Joubert and family
Toronto, Ontario and Johannesburg, South Africa
January 18, 2009

A happy girls group who stayed at Happynest
[/dopcontainer][dopcontainer]Dear Bob and company,

We just wanted to say thank you for allowing us to enjoy your wonderful home this weekend. We all had a fantastic time and have lots of funny stories and fond memories to share 🙂 Your campfire song was awesome!

Thanks and Smiles from:

Rebecca :-), Jamie, Erin, Nader, Thanks for the song! – Nikki, Blair, Nick, Emily, Danny :-), Dora :-), Craig, Tim :-), K Mum, Mifflesplix

e-mail from Student Council,
Victoria College, University of Toronto
July 5, 2008

Customer group photo
[/dopcontainer][dopcontainer]Bob and Marsha,

Thank you so much for making our stay such an enjoyable one.

You guys are awesome!

We will send you pictures.

We will be in touch soon.

Annie, Ryan, Steve, Virginia and Arden

e-mail from Annie Smith
Toronto, Ontario
September 8, 2008
[/dopcontainer][dopcontainer]Dear Bob,


We had such a great time! It was so hard to come back into the city and sit in traffic! Your cottage was the perfect getaway for us and dogs! We will pass along the word to our family and friends! We are already trying to plan when we can come back!

Take care!

Sarah and Billy

e-mail from Sarah Kubisewsky-Young and Billy Young
Toronto, Ontario
October 29, 2007

Dogs love to come for vacation with their owners
[/dopcontainer][dopcontainer]Dear Bob,

Thank you for the nice time in your cottage and for the good help you gave to us. We really had a good time and we will think about it for a very long time.

We wish you all the best and lots of good times in this beautiful area.

Hopefully we will see you again soon…………..

Vicki – Hamilton, Ontario

Adan – Saarjemundes, France

Michaela, Christian and Nathan – Trier, Germany

Bernie and Conny – Trier, Germany

e-mail from Victoria Marchewka
Hamilton, Ontario
October 2, 2007

[/dopcontainer][dopcontainer]Hi Bob and Marsha,

Remember when I told you I was looking forward to a return trip? Well, last weekend turned me into an honest man after all. My second trip to your cottage brought back all the pleasant memories of the first.

This time, we did even more fishing, cliffdiving, and even waterskiing, thanks to the convenience of the several onsite boats available to us. And we REALLY made good use of the kitchen and BBQ this time around – some of the best meals of my life.

Well, thanks again for everything! If I was a rich man with no job, I’d be there every week, but since I’m not, I’ll just have to look forward to our next trip back.



e-mail from Steve Grey
Toronto, Ontario
July 13, 2007

Birthday celebration at the cottage


Hi Bob,

Hope you’re doing well and enjoying the fabulous (but very hot) weather we’ve been having. I can feel the lake calling to me!

Thanks so much for your hospitality! We had an absolutely amazing time. So good, in fact, we want to try coming up one more time at the end of summer.

Thanks so much again Bob and have a great day!

Jeanne S. Yim

e-mail from Jeanne Yim
June 26, 2007

[/dopcontainer][dopcontainer]Hi Bob,

Our families had an awesome time, enjoyed the swimming and fishing and the boat ride you took us on it was WILD. We would love to book the cottage again next year but will need a little time to work out everyone’s schedules (five teenagers after all).

Thank you again for a wonderful week.

Laura & Stuart and Family.

e-mail from Stuart Day
September 11, 2006


Dear Bob,

We cannot thank you enough for the wonderful time we had while we were at Happynest. Everyone enjoyed themselves so much. We have attached some of the photos which we took for you. We are looking forward to coming again next summer if all goes well.

Please feel free to use the pictures or the message. Happynest was everything we saw on the internet and more. Sabina and Julea did not want to come home and Rob & I wished the week had never ended. Once again thanks for a lovely holiday.

Once again thank you so much!!!!

Rob, Lynn and Family

e-mail from Lynn Burtch
August 15, 2006

Your own 9.9 horsepower motorboat


Hi Bob,

I am sorry it took so long to send the pictures. My family had a great time up at your cottage. The whole experience was wonderful. I enjoyed my time fishing off the dock. The kids enjoyed a lot of first time experiences. Thank you for the tour of the lake and for taking it easy on me while I was tubing.

Thanks again,

Jason, Ruth, Grace and Nicholson Rawsthorne

e-mail from Jason Rawsthorne
August 1, 2006



Dear Bob,

Thanks for all the hospitality and we really appreciated the time you spent with the kids–they will never forget driving the boat or tubing. Hailey asked me when we are going back to Bob’s–you left quite an impression. We really enjoyed our stay and the area–what a beautiful spot and such a warm lake. Evan’s thrill was catching 14 fish–something he had never done before. We look forward to more stays in the future. Thanks for everything and say hi to Marsha for us.

Kim and Mike and family

e-mail from Kim and Mike
Toronto, Ontario
July 25, 2006


Dear Bob and Marsha,

Garrett and I along with Sandra, Kim and Garrett and of course the 4 legged children would like to thank you both for a wonderful week. We all enjoyed our stay and without a doubt, wish we were able to stay on for at least one more week.

We hope to return next summer and we will definitely be in touch with you to make arrangements. Enjoy the rest of the season.

Yours Truly,

Carla Olivier

e-mail from Carla Olivier
Mississauga, Ontario
July 7, 2006


Customer group photo 2
Thank you card

card and photo from Julia, James, Jason, Gill, Jacky, Alisha, Ivan, Lindsay
Toronto, Ontario
May 22, 2006


Marsha and Bob

Our trip home was uneventful. Rhonda and myself would have preferred not to leave for a couple of more days, but we needed to get back.

We enjoyed our stay very much, as did my parents. Rhonda and myself have never felt so much at home anywhere else that we have travelled to before. It is so nice to meet such kind and caring people as yourselves.

You can bet that no matter what the rest of the family does, you will see the two of us at least once a year. Rhonda has been talking about the snowmobiling since we left, and I am actually going to look at buying a snowmobile for her. As a matter of fact, my father is hooked on snowmobiling also, and even called me on Sunday morning to see if I wanted to do a long weekend of riding up there. I don’t think that will happen though, since we all have enough work to last until the next vacation in the summer, and then some.


Rhonda, Raymond, Mary Ellen, and Ray.

e-mail from Ray Wendekier
Patton, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
March 6, 2006

Snowmobiling on the lake

Raymond and Rhonda enjoyed their stay in March tremendously as did we. Each time we come up we feel like we are at home and wish that we could be there more often.

Your hospitality and Marsha’s is always greatly appreciated and enjoyed. We look forward to seeing you all in July.


The Wendekiers

follow-up e-mail from Ray Wendekier Sr.,
Patton, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
March 22, 2006


Dear Marsha and Bob,

Greetings from Napanee!

One week post vacation and already the stress level is rising and the shoulders are creeping up towards the ears. Memories of Happynest remind us to slow down the pace and breathe deeper.

Sending you our warmest wishes.

Sarah and Dan

e-mail from Sarah Moss
Napanee, Ontario
February 4, 2006


Dear Bob,

I know you see this every morning but not here in Waterloo.

I am a country girl at heart and really enjoyed my walk on the lake this morning as the sun was rising. I will send you a picture or two.

Thanks again for your hospitality.


e-mail from Marie Hardy
Waterloo, Ontario
January 9, 2006

Winter scene front of Happynest

[/dopcontainer] [dopcontainer]

Hi Bob,

Just to let you know that we had a wonderful stay at your cottage. It was a lovely time of year and certainly quiet and beautiful. I really am amazed how friendly everyone is in those parts. Thank you for renting it to us, and we certainly look forward to visiting again. Feel free to use our comments.


e-mail from Katherine Perdue
Toronto, Ontario
October 27, 2005

[/dopcontainer] [dopcontainer]

Hi Bob and Marsha,

I would just like to thank both of you so much for our wonderful stay at your stellar cottage this past Canada Day weekend. It made a great venue for Derek’s quiet stag weekend and I was surprised to find how easily it was able to accommodate all 13 of us! (We could have easily fit several more people there also.)

Your having a motor-boat available to us was especially convenient and helpful; it allowed all of the fishermen to do what they love most, and it provided me with transportation to my favourite activity of the weekend: CLIFF DIVING! Moreover, the signs you’ve posted almost everywhere were really a big help.

In all seriousness, though, we all had such a phenomenal time. I know that Derek’s stag weekend will stay amongst our fondest memories forever. (It was a recurring topic for all of us at the actual wedding a few days ago!) I’ll continue to recommend your cottage to everyone I know, and I’ll look forward to the next time I plan a return trip, hopefully sooner rather than later. Thanks again!



e-mail from Steve Grey
Toronto, Ontario
July 28, 2005

Customers on the dock

[/dopcontainer] [dopcontainer]

Dear Bob and Marsha,

Thanks so much for a wonderful weekend at your beautiful cottage. The venue was spectacular, the housekeeping immaculate, the boats were very very enjoyable, the view was unbelievable and the natural beauty of the cove was beyond our expectations! We thoroughly enjoyed swimming in the lake on our wonderfully hot Saturday and your relaxing and very informative boat tour of the lake. The dock was a perfect T- shape to accomodate all of us and the bbq was great as was the camp fire.

It was a perfect venue for us ten friends to enjoy ourselves and have one of the most memorable weekends for many years to come! Thank you so much for your hospitality and kindness.

We’ll definitely be making plans to come again later in the year.

All the best and take care.

Zainab and Kamal Jabbar, Shermeen and Udit Gambhir, Maryah and Murtaza Agha, Murtaza Waliany, and Saima Achria.

e-mail from Zainab Jabbar
Toronto, Ontario
June 21, 2005

Canoeing just outside our bay

[/dopcontainer] [dopcontainer]

Hello Bob and Marsha,

Thanks again for an amazing weekend and it was too bad we did not get to say goodbye.

We had a great time and never before have I encountered such an organized and clean cottage. What a beautiful place. The beds were comfortable and the signs definitely made it easier. I personally enjoyed the smoking sign on the patio door by the BBQ.

I have attached a couple of photos (a group shot on Sunday and the Charlie Thompson picture).

I do hope all is well and I will pass your e-mail to individuals looking for an amazing cottage to rent from wonderful people.

Thanks for everything,


e-mail from Ron Savas, office group organizer
Toronto, Ontario
June 3-5, 2005

More happy customers in the summer

[/dopcontainer] [dopcontainer]

Dear Marsha and Bob,

Greetings from Napanee!

One week post vacation and already the stress level is rising and the shoulders are creeping up towards the ears. Memories of Happynest remind us to slow down the pace and breathe deeper.

Sending you our warmest wishes.

Sarah and Dan

e-mail from Sarah Moss
Napanee, Ontario
February 4, 2006

[/dopcontainer] [dopcontainer]

To Bob and Marsha Laing,

With thanks for your hospitality.
It was a pleasure to spend time with you and to be made so welcome, too!
Thank You So Much for a wonderful weekend!
Our family had a wonderful, fantastic, relaxing time.
All the best from the Byers and Baker Families.
P. S. The hot tub was very relaxing – just what we all needed.

Thank-you card from Jennifer Byers

[/dopcontainer] [dopcontainer]

Hi Bob,

Sorry it is taking me a couple of days to respond back to you. I am still trying to recover from such a wonderful peaceful weekend. Thank you for all your help and kindness you showed towards my family. It was refreshing to have that level of customer service when renting a place from someone. It is truly a peaceful paradise what you have. We all cannot stop talking about the place. We had a lot of laughs.

We are already planning on visiting again next year in the winter to your cottage. So you will definitely be hearing from us again. I will forward your advertisement around the office and will be giving it rave reviews, for anyone else who would be interested.

I will also send some photos if you would like to use them.

Again, thank you so much for showing us a wonderful weekend, we won’t forget it!

Till we speak again,

The Byers Family!

E-mail from Jennifer Byers
Toronto, Ontario
March 21, 2005

[/dopcontainer] [dopcontainer]

Dear Bob,

We had a delightful weekend; in particular, the girls enjoyed the snowmobile ride; it was top of their list of the best part of the weekend. Thanks so much.

Many thanks.


e-mail from Louise Milligan
London, Ontario
February 7, 2005

[/dopcontainer] [dopcontainer]

Hi Bob,

Thank you very much for the photo! Our Canadian holiday concluded a week after we left the cottage. We had difficulty leaving and could have easily stayed another two weeks. The colours were dripping off the trees and the weather could not have cooperated more. In all, a perfect holiday.

Feel free to use any of our photos on your website. I may still add more in the coming days.

I should get back to work. St. Gallen is cold, wet, and foggy. A typical autumn day in this little Swiss town.

Please extend our greetings to Marsha. All the best,

rahel & chris

e-mail from Rahel and Chris Meyer,
St. Gallen, Switzerland
October 26, 2004

Walking on the road in the fallNearby beaverpond in fall colours

[/dopcontainer] [dopcontainer]

Dear Bob and family,

Thanks for a marvellous time at Lake Kawigamog. Such a treat for me to relive happy summers. I love your Canadian weather. I hope “the barn” building progresses nicely.


Billie Winkler

[/dopcontainer] [dopcontainer]

Hi Bob,

Thanks again for the wonderful week at Happynest. It sure felt good to slow down for a week in “Kawigamog style”. We were glad to arrive to such a clean cottage. Believe me, we have stayed in places whose house keeping was questionable.

The children had lots of fun outside in the woods! Thank you!

Wishing you a great summer season,


e-mail from Anna Belov,
Toronto, Ontario
April 16, 2004

[/dopcontainer] [dopcontainer]

Hi Bob,

Just wanted to thank you for the lovely time we had at the cottage. The weather was wonderful and we really enjoyed ourselves.

Please find a picture attached to this e-mail.

Thank You

Max & Anna

e-mail from Max Karlin,
Toronto, Ontario
February 22, 2004

Happynest is also great for a quiet gettaway for two.

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Hello Bob,

We just wanted to thank you for making our stay at Happynest a perfect winter wonderland!! Everything from skating on the lake, to the long walks both during the day and night. I have never seen soooo many stars! Here is our picture of the gang playing a game of cards “spoons”, after the babies were off to sleep!

Once again, thanks for everything.

Marta & the gang : )

e-mail from Marta Moreira,
Toronto, Ontario
February 10, 2004

Big pine table is great for cardgames with large groups of people

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Hi Bob,

I hope you received the picture by the Happynest sign we sent a couple of days ago. Sorry we took so long sending it but things have been pretty busy since we came back. Anyway, just wanted to say thank you for a great New Year’s mini-vacation, everyone had a great time and would like to come back sometime in the summer if we could get everyone together like that again. Once again, thank you and we look forward to seeing you again.


Tatjana, Sasa, Mitar, Biljana, Doug, Mira, Pedja, Milena, Miso, Suzy
Toronto & Mississauga, New Year’s 2004

e-mail from Sasa Pavlovic,
Toronto, Ontario
January 17, 2004

Group at New Years

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On behalf of my family and fellow cottagers, I’d like to express our deepest gratitude. We had a wonderful time this past weekend. Happynest was everything we expected and more. Please also send along our thanks to John, Karen, and Chris. They helped make the weekend that much better.

Thanks again for all the hospitality.



e-mail from Jaime da Silva,
Woodbridge, Ontario
September 2, 2003

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Dear Bob,

Our two families have vacationed together for 7 years in a row and Happynest has been by far the best.

Tim and Joan

Campfires are great for telling stories and roasting marshmallows

Hi Bob,

Here are some photos for your collection. We all had a great time at Happynest.

Donovan and Janet

e-mails from Tim and Joan Edginton, and Donovan and Janet Gray
Toronto, Ontario
August 27, 2003

Jumping off the dock.

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Dear Bob,

Your cottage was exactly what we were looking for.



e-mail from Wilhelm Roeben
Oldenburg, Germany
August 21, 2003

Tubing fun in the sun

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Bob & Marsha,

Thank you so much for everything you did for us.

Our vacation was very relaxing and we had a wonderful time thanks to you. We hope you both have a great summer, and we hope to see you next year.

The Birminghams

Hallmark e-card from Therese-Leigh Birmingham
Toronto, Ontario
August 11, 2003

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Subject: Thanks for a Great Weekend!!

Hi Bob,

I just wanted to write and thank you for all your help in making our trip up to the lake so amazing. The cottage was great and everyone had an awesome time. We will definitely be returning to Happynest!!

Take Care,
Sheri Roberts

e-mail from Sheri Roberts
Toronto, Ontario
June 15, 2003

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Hey Bob,

Just like to say that we had a wonderful time up at your cottage even if the weather wasn’t at its best!

Much appreciated,
Steven, Edward

e-mail from Steven Javor (Toronto) and Edward van Hage (Netherlands)
June 12, 2003

Small happy group

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Hi Bob,

I just wanted to thank you very much for everything you did for us over the weekend. We had an absolutely great time. We all really enjoyed listening to your stories on the boat ride you gave us.

Thanks again 🙂

Baharak Yeganeh
McMillan Binch LLP

e-mail from Baharak Yeganeh
May 7, 2003
[This was the third or fourth group to visit us from their company] [/dopcontainer] [dopcontainer]

Bob & Marsha,

The best of our six bi-annual Family Reunions – by far! A delightful week.

Here’s the photo, taken by famed photographer Bob Laing.

All the best,

note from Bill Goetz
Linden, Alberta
September 25, 2002

Happy customers on the dock

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Hi Bob,

Here’s the group picture (top left to right) Greg, Shoa, Sabrina, Chowsky, Damian, Asha, April, Brett, Mair, Devers (bottom left to right) Matt, Kenjamin, Shant, Chris

Thanx again for the hospitality. Definitely will give you a shout for next year.

Chris Oxford

e-mail from Chris Oxford
May 20, 2003

Customer group photo 3

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Hello Bob,

We wanted to thank you for a great “girls” weekend away. Your cottage was the perfect retreat from our everyday lives, and we couldn’t have been in a better spot for the snow we had on Saturday, it made everything even more peaceful.

Wendy Bernier and the Girls…..

e-mail from Wendy Bernier
April 10, 2003

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Bob, Marsha and Alice

It was absolutely great here – now I know what 4 feet of snow really looks like!! Thanks for everything – my stay couldn’t have been any better and I’ll keep the happy memory forever.

Hope I will be back soon,

Love and best wishes,


e-mail from Paul Griffiths
Scarborough, England
March 14, 2003

[/dopcontainer] [dopcontainer]Bob and Marsha,

Thank you for letting us stay at your cottage. We’ve had a great couple of days and made a bunch of great memories.

You’ve got a beautiful place here. We’ll be sure to mention it to our friends.

It’s almost been a week since we left and the stories are still pouring out every day! I would just like to say thank-you again for all your hospitality! We had an amazing time and would love to come back again in the future. Your cottage is beautiful! I can tell you that nothing beats a nice sit in the sauna and hottub after a nice long day in the snow! The toboggan run was great, we spent at least half a day just preparing it to make it perfect and it did not let us down!

I have enclosed a group picture of the 7 of us for you.

Thanks again for everything! We had a great time!

Katie & Rick, Bryan, Erin, Sarah, Amanda, Lindsey

e-mail from Bryan McGann
March 18, 2003

Fun in the snow

[/dopcontainer] [dopcontainer]Hello Bob!

just a quick note to say Thanks! We all had a wonderful time and a lot of fun.

You never know, we may just make it an annual event… or a winter & fall event.

Thanks again!

-Keri, Keith and the gang

e-mail from Keri Conwell-Farrington
February 26, 2003

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We wanted to thank you both for making our first vaction, in a long time, a great one. We’re not really looking forward to leaving such a relaxing and peaceful place. We hope we will be able to visit again.

Brendan & Nicole

note from Brendan & Nicole Burke
(left with a gift – a box of chocolates – Thanks!)
February 14, 2003

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Hi Bob,

Just want to thank you for offering us your facilities this weekend! Our group had a really amazing time! The website is true to its advertisement. The place was clean, cozy, warm, and very private. We really enjoyed the hospitality given and wish to extend our compliments and thanks.

Anyways, thanks again. We as a group just wanted to let you know we had a really good time!


e-mail from Justin Lau
February 18, 2003

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Hi Bob,

Thank you so much for hosting our Happynest Weekend. Your website, while being engaging and thorough, does not do this place justice.

What a find!

Please say thanks to Marsha and a great big thank you to you yourself. You were the consummate host in this pristine setting.

We would all really love to come back to Happynest in years to come and relive it all…..

You’ll be hearing from us!

(the birthday girl)
P.S. This place made turning 30 the sweetest passage ever.

Carol, John, Cat, Terry, Jen, Scott and Ethan

e-mail from Carol Bell
January 27, 2003

[/dopcontainer] [dopcontainer]

Hi Bob,

Thanks for being so accommodating during my vacation. My friends and I had a very relaxing time at Happynest.

I look forward to spending more time up on Kawigamog Lake.

Best Regards,


e-mail from Marko Jurisic
November 19, 2002

[/dopcontainer] [dopcontainer]

Hello Bob!

just a quick note to say Thanks! We all had a wonderful time and a lot of fun.

You never know, we may just make it an annual event… or a winter & fall event.

Thanks again!

-Keri, Keith and the gang

e-mail from Keri Conwell-Farrington
February 26, 2003

[/dopcontainer] [dopcontainer]

Dear Bob:

We just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our vacation (September 27-29, 2002) at your cottage. The cottage was very comfortable and very clean. We appreciated that the table was large enough so all could sit down together and enjoy a meal. The view of the lake from the living room was beautiful. Thanks for the boat tour, all enjoyed the outing. We have all agreed that we have found our family vacation spot (finally) and hope to return next year.

Again thanks for letting us vacation at your beautiful cottage.


  • Ian & Elaine Brereton
  • Vic & Jo-Anne Johnston
  • Vince & Jeannet Johnston, Victoria & Anthony
  • Stewart & Kim Johnston, Kirkland
  • Buddy (the dog)

e-mail from Elaine Brereton
October 3, 2002

[/dopcontainer] [dopcontainer]

Hello again to all of you,

We very much enjoyed ourselves. Your cottage and Lake Kawigamog are very beautiful, we couldn’t help but enjoy the beauty of it all. This is the first time that we have ever tried a cottage! Usually we camp together, and we were actually planning to go up to Killbear Provincial Park for a few nights. The nice thing about the cottage was still having the “comforts” of home, especially if it rains!

You do an awesome job of respecting your visitors’ privacy, we mentioned that to each other a few times, and we did really appreciate it, as we really needed some time to just be together with our family and enjoy time with each other which we certainly did! It would have been nice though to have had the chance to get to know you a little better – maybe next time?!

At night it is pitch dark out there. We slept with the blind up and when the lights were out, we would open our eyes, and couldn’t see a thing!!!! COOL!!

We saw so much nature, loons, loons with a baby, a gorgeous blue heron, we laid on the dock and watched the stars, even saw some shooting stars one night.

On the way back down Highway 522, we saw a male moose!! We backed up and he was standing there in all his majesty – seeming a little curious about what we were doing there. When he turned to walk away, Otto made a loud sort of MOOO-ing sound and he slowly turned his big head with those gigantic funny ears and stared at us once more – we got him on video.

Thanks again for everything, we really had a good time. It must be hard to know what kind of people you are getting when you communicate only through phone, e-mail, and fax. It was hard for us too, wondering if there really was a cottage when we deposited the money! Interesting how we can now both look at it from the other side and it almost seems funny! It was great to meet you and to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of your cottage.

Take care and keep in touch,
Say hello to everyone and we will talk again sometime

Thanks again,
Gracia, Otto, and “the gang”

e-mail from Gracia and Otto
August 10 – 17, 2002

[/dopcontainer] [dopcontainer]

(Here it is from the perspective of a 12 year old, Tom, as related by dad Chris, referring to Jon, our Happynest summer student helper…)


We had a great time at Happynest last week. I thought you would appreciate young Tom’s perspective:

I was saying to my wife, Judy, that Jon seemed to like working there in the summers. Tom, overhearing, said, “yeah, duh?” When Judy and I asked what he meant by that he said, “It’s Paradise!”


e-mail from Chris Gorman
July 8, 2002

[/dopcontainer] [dopcontainer]Dear Bob,

The gang and I (June 14-17) would like to thank-you for a beautiful weekend at your cottage.

Your cottage was like a home away from home, it was very comfortable and had the most amazing view of the lake. I have been to many cottages but I have to say yours is by far the best!! I’d rate it 11 out of 10!!

I have not stopped talking about your cottage since getting back. Let’s just say you’ll be booked solid for next year!!

We’d like to thank you for your hospitality and attentiveness.


Jennifer B

e-mail from Jennifer B
June 19, 2002

[/dopcontainer] [dopcontainer]Hi Bob and Marsha.

Just like to thank you again for a great time last weekend. Everyone had fun. I can imagine what the cottage would be like in the summer. It is a beautiful area. I am very interested in renting again for a week in the summer. I know you said that you were booked for the entire summer, with the exception of the last two weeks in August. Perhaps you could let me know if there have been any cancellations or if those two weeks are still available.

Anyway, just a quick note to say thanks again and maybe I’ll see you soon.

Brian L.

e-mail from Brian L.
March 31, 2002

[/dopcontainer] [dopcontainer]Hi Bob,

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful few days we had up there. The sauna was fantastic. It had been a while!

I definitely plan on coming again – and I told my sisters about the sauna and they want to book a visit right away. Also – I met this wonderful dog while I was up there. I think your wife said that he belonged to some of your neighbours down the lake. We went for long walks in the woods every day and he was there every morning. He was just beautiful – and it made my stay even that much more special!!

Thanks once again for the memories! I’ll be booking another stay soon!

e-mail from Irma H.
February 7, 2002

[/dopcontainer] [dopcontainer]Thanks Bob! We had a great time!

Billy & Robin

note from Billy & Robin, January 20, 2002
left with a gift – a bottle of wine – Thanks!

[/dopcontainer] [dopcontainer]Date: January 6, 2002
Subject: we had a WONDERFUL time this weekend!


brad and i just wanted to thank you once again for letting us rent your cottage this past weekend! we had a really fun time on the toboggans, in the spa, and just relaxing indoors! the surroundings of the cottage were beautiful! we would definitely love to check it out sometime during the summer for a different view of things!

brightest blessings!


e-mail from Lisa and Brad

[/dopcontainer] [dopcontainer]

idth: 100%;”]This has been a wonderful holiday. The house has been very comfortable and all the boats, canoe etc. have given us a memorable holiday. Bob has been the best possible host – always helpful and going out of his way to ensure that we enjoyed ourselves. We are taking away marvelous memories of a beautiful area, and the nicest possible Canadians as personified by Bob and his family. Thank you so much.

Blair and Jill Agnew, Blair and Kate Agnew, (Calum, Alisa and Skye Agnew), Nick & Caroline Browne and all the gang (Alexander, Jasper, Tamara, Benedict and Jonty Browne) and Angus Agnew

Letter from the Agnew and Browne family reunion
from Toronto, London, and Scotland, August 23, 1997

[/dopcontainer] [dopcontainer]Bob, Had a great holiday at Happynest July 27 – Aug. 2/97. We will mail the photos this weekend.


Bob, Just a note to let you know how much we enjoyed our weeks holiday at Happynest. The cottage was everything we expected and more. Christina and Ben certainly enjoyed all the room to move around and play their games. The cottage was spotless and spacious, with a great view and a wonderful swimming area. Hope to send you some photos this week.

Ron and Jennifer Gooding, Christina and Ben

P.S. Please feel free to use us as a reference at any time. R.G.

Fax from Ron and Jennifer Gooding

Playing on the little sand beach.

Happy baby boy at Happynest.